11S Hanging Scale with Hook


Aluminum dial scales have a cast iron protective housing that ensures protection from dust. This heavy-duty hanging dial scale is exceptionally durable and well suited for multiple purposes and bulk weighing. A large 7 inch (178 mm) aluminum dial with black lettering provides speed and accuracy whether weighing large or small quantities. Available capacities include 200 lb or 400 lb and 100 kg or 200 kg.

  • 1 year warranty


Additional information

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Model #

11S200H, 11S400H, 11S200HKG, 11S400HKG

Technical Specs

Model#CapacityDimensionsShipping Weight
11S200H200 lb x 0.5 lb7" Aluminum Dial11 lb
11S200HKG100 kg x 500 g7" Aluminum Dial11 lb
11S400HKG200 kg x 500 g7" Aluminum Dial11 lb
11S400H400 lb x 1 lb7" Aluminum Dial11 lb

Product Brochure

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Additional Technical Information

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