//6550 Fold-Up Wheelchair Scale

6550 Fold-Up Wheelchair Scale

$2,399.00 $2,071.00

This incredibly-popular lightweight USA-made scale offers a wide range of versatility. It can be used with wheelchairs, straight-legged chairs or as a stand-on scale, and its sloped ramps offer versatility by allowing entry from either side. The 6550′s vertical fold-up feature and heavy-duty wheels contribute to its ease of mobility in four directions and minimal storage space needed. The 6550′s digital weight indicator is the industry’s most advanced, featuring serial, USB and optional wired and Wi-FI Ethernet output, BMI calculation, yellow “quick keys” for basic weighing, 350-degree rotating mounting bracket for viewing in all angles, and an easy-to-read blue LCD display. Platform measures 30 x 32 inch (76 x 81 cm). EMR/EHR ready. 1,000 lb x 0.2 lb / 450 kg x 0.1 kg capacity. OIML EC Class III model available.

  •  EMR/EHR Ready
  • Integral whels ease transport
  • BMI calculation
  • 2-way easy access ramp
  • Spacious platform
  • Wi-Fi card for those applications that require a computer network
  • 1 year warranty



Technical Specs

Specification Description
6550 Capacity: 1,000 lb x 0.2 lb / 450 kg x 0.1 kg
6550KGEU Capacity: 300 kg x 0.1 kg or 350 kg x 0.2 kg
Platform Size: 30 x 32 in / 76 x 81 cm
Keypad: 19 key, color-coded, sealed membrane
Connectivity: RS232 serial, USB and optional wired and Wi-Fi Ethernet
Display Dimensions: 9.5 W x 6.6 H x 2.1 D in / 24 W x 17 H x 5 D
Power: 6 “C” cell Alkaline, Ni-Cad or NiMH batteries (not included) OR an optional 12 VDC 1.25A wall plug-in AC power adapter (Detecto part number MV1PWR)
Resolution: 5,000 divisions, max.
Operating Temperature: 14 to 104°F (-10 to 40°C)
Enclosure Construction: Steel and Aluminum
Shipping Weight: 91 lb / 41.2 kg
Display: 5 digit, seven segment, 7/8 inch (22.23 mm) high LCD weight digits



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Additional Technical Information

EMR/EHR Connectivity Information
6550 Assembly & Setup Video
6550 Operation & Usage Video