With thousands of satisfied users, the 6600 has earned a reputation for quality, value and reliability. These floor scales are the gold standard especially for industrial, food and pharmaceutical companies.

They are currently being used for:

  • Pallet or Parts Weighing
  • Counting Systems
  • Shipping or Receiving Verification
  • Drive-on/Drive-off Weighing
  • Food or Chemical Processing
  • Drum, Keg or Barrel Weighing
  • Tank Scales
  • Batching Systems
  • Portable Counting
  • Weighing Stations.

Whether you require a portable or permanent; on floor or in-pit, wet or dry, drop & weigh or drive-on, there’s a 6600 platform to meet your needs.

The most popular 6600 models are listed on our website, if you cannot find a particular combination, please contact us for information.

Please contact us for information on the SS6600 Stainless Steel Scales, Mounting Options & Pit Frames.

The 6600 Scale is sold as a Factory Calibrated Package that includes the platform of your choice (Size & Capacity) and the 7600 Indicator. 

The 6600 base can be purchased separately, but then the base and indicator will need to be properly calibrated on-site.