//M64 Series Baggage Scales

M64 Series Baggage Scales


The 64 Series is the ultimate airline baggage scale system.  It’s rugged modular design conforms to a wide range of counter scale and architectural designs with standard off-the shelf components.  It is ideal for remodeling existing counters in ticket counters or other areas.

The heavy duty  platform features 1 part in 5000 accuracy and capacities to 1000 Lbs (500 kg) providing more scale for less cost and greater flexibility for your most demanding requirements.

Available in two model series with a wide range of standard and custom platform sizes.

Designed for longevity in rough situations, minimum service, sustained accuracy, and exemplary performance.

Custom Sizes available, please call us for additional information. 

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Additional information

Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 30 × 10 in
Model #

M64-1824-250, M64-1824-500, M64-1824-1000, M64-2424-250, M64-2424-500, M64-2424-1000

Technical Specs

Model #DescriptionCapacityPlatform SizeUnit of Measure
M64-1824-250Complete Airline Baggage System w/Indication250 lb 18 x 24"lb or kg
M64-1824-500Complete Airline Baggage System w/Indication500 lb18 x 24"lb or kg
M64-18241000Complete Airline Baggage Scale system w/Indication1,000 lb18 x 24"lb or kg
M64-2424-250Complete Airline Baggage Scale system w/Indication250 lb 24 x 24"lb or kg
M64-2424-500Complete Airline Baggage Scale system w/Indication500 lb24 x 24"lb or kg
M64-2424-1000Complete Airline Baggage Scale system w/Indication1,000 lb24 x 24"lb or kg
Larger SizesWide range of custom sizes available Please CallPlease Calllb or kg

Product Brochure

Model 64

Additional Technical Information

Fast Calibration Instructions (Same as 7300 Series Manual)
Manual (Same as 7000 Series Manual)
18×24 Dimentional Drawing with cutouts for displays
M64 Spanish Brochure

Features & Options

  • Rugged Heavy Duty Design, All Stainless Steel including Indicators and Attractive Stainless Steel bezels for flush mounting of remote displays
  • Superior 6400 performance, accuracy, longevity in rough situations
  • PLUS+ electronics are integrated into the base structure
  • Proven durable performance—HD 12 gauge SS top shroud
  • Display cables or Y-Cables for convenient plug in installation; up to (4) per scale
  • Electronics in the base, have an RS-232/RS-422, Current Loop, remote display connector for 1 or 2 displays
  • 1, 2, 3, or up to 4 SS bezel flush mount displays with or without buttons for ZERO, UNITS, and PRINT.
  • Standard displays include buttons ZERO/UNITS/PRINT for the Agent and no buttons Customer side.
  • Also available: ZERO/ADVANCE/PRINT version for lb OR kg – only installations (no 2nd unit of measure)
  • NOTE:  Standard pricing above includes dual displays; can have Single display in place of dual displays – call for price deduction
  • CANADA UNITS:  Use model C64 for special marking to meet Canada COC requirement
  • Manufactured in Lancaster, PA with all USA Made parts
  • 2 year warranty